HL-Fleet Management System

The system offered by our company is based on an electronic device that can be installed in any vehicle which includes a GPS receiver. Location of the vehicle’s exact position by satellite is achieved via GPS, while a GPRS communication link relays data on the position, speed, traffic situation, sensors’ data etc. to a server in real time and in regular intervals.

The system includes:

  • A GPS/GPRS/GSM device that is installed in a hidden location within the vehicle
  • A location detection and monitoring system in real time
  • A geographical plotting system
  • Sensors
  • Special applications
  • Routing
  • A history and data references


  • Instantaneous vehicle tracking through real time (live).
  • Indication and management of points of interest (delivery points, customers and e.t.c)
  • Engine start and engine stop
  • Driver communication
  • Braking and clutch frequency
  • Sensor monitoring (temperature, fuel, doors, e.t.c)
  • Speeding notification
  • Exact hours of vehicle operation
  • Exact Km distances travelled
  • Notification of high RPM driving
  • Fuel monitoring (actual consumption, actual level, addition and reduction)
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